Western wins overall at host tournament

Western Open, January 28, 2017 (Thames Hall, Western University, London)

Western had its best showing this season winning 13 medals at its host tournament, and winning the combined men’s & women’s team score.  In the men’s division the men also placed first overall, while the women placed 2nd behind Brock in the women’s division.   Gold medals were won by Christine Grafe (48 kg W), Julie Steffler (55 kg W), Eric Jacobson (90 kg), Adam MacFadyen (61 kg) and Brayden Todd (57 kg).

Top 6 placings:

  • 1st Christine Grafe 48 kg W
  • 1st Julie Steffler 55 kg W
  • 1st Eric Jacobson 90 kg
  • 1st Adam MacFadyen 61 kg
  • 1st Brayden Todd 57 kg
  • 2nd Lauchlin MacDonald 65 kg
  • 2nd Caleb Rutner 68 kg
  • 2nd Brayden Ambo 72 kg
  • 3rd Ian Janes 72 kg
  • 3rd Josh Proctor 76 kg
  • 3rd Kyle Bonk-Dann 120 kg
  • 3rd Rachel Gibson 59 kg W
  • 3rd Junayd Ramzanali 54 kg
  • 5th Mohammad Kamalia 61 kg
  • 5th Kevin Marshall 82 kg

Julie Steffler on the Leg Ride

Lauchlin MacDonald won silver at 65 kg — with coach Kazy Iwai

Bennet Jaworski (82 kg) throws for 4 points

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