Guelph Open results

Saturday, January 21, 2017 (Guelph, ON)

London-Western, placed 2nd overall in the men’s division with solid performances from Steven Takahashi (57 kg) and Adam MacFadyen (61 kg), who both placed 2nd in their respective divisions.  Caleb Rutner won bronze in the 70 kg division while Kyle Bonk-Dann placed 4th at 97 kg.  Others competing where Lauchlin MacDonald (65 kg), Josh Proctor (74 kg) and Brayden Ambo (74 kg).   In the women’s division, Madi Parks (53 kg) and Julie Steffler (55 kg) both placed 3rd.  Michalia Walls finished 4th in the 63 kg weight division.

  • 2nd Steven Takahashi 57 kg
  • 2nd Adam MacFadyen 61 kg
  • 3rd Caleb Rutner 70 kg
  • 3rd Julie Steffler W55 kg
  • 3rd Madi Parks W53 kg
  • 4th Kyle Bonk-Dann 97 kg
  • 4th Michalia Walls W63 kg

Adam MacFadyen executes a “shoulder throw” that scores

Caleb Rutner, “crosses up” to finish the match 10-0

Julie Steffler waiting for the PIN to be called

Steven Takahashi catches the ankle with a low outside sweep single.

Kyle Bonk-Dann scores 4 points!



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